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Mobile Application

Mobile applications are generally developed for smartphones, tablets and they can be accessed through a number of application distribution platforms. Azzile is particularly into the development of mobile based applications and a number of applications developed by team of Azzile has helped the company to make its presence felt on the Google App Store.


iOS (previously iphone OS) was unveiled in 2007 developed by Apple Inc. and is now dominating the IT market at a very fast rate. Not only in mobile phones, but also other products such as iPad Mini and iPod Touch are the major products of Apple. Azzile team also consists of iOS developers who are proficient in the development of iOS applications. Azzile is one of the best companies in Delhi NCR Region which is known for its expertise in iOS apps.


Android is the operating system which is spanning all across the world like forest fire. Android OS is based on the Linux kernel and is currently developed by Google. It is particularly designed for mobile phones having touchscreen such as smartphones and tablets. This is most widely used and implemented OS not only in cellphones but also in cars and Android TVs.

Taking into consideration such a huge popularity of Android, every company must have their Android products in the market so that it can have solid and permanent existence in the market. Azzile has a number of Android products in the market which are having great popularity among the users for Android mobile phones and not only in India but also across the whole globe. This has made us recognize ourselves not only among those companies who are developing good quality Android phone apps but also among those who want to excel and develop their career as an Android developer.


OS which comes after the Android in customer satisfaction is the Windows Phone. It was first launched in October 2010 and right after its launch it is gaining new heights and getting more and more popular among the users. The introduction of Windows 8 has made it more user-friendly and has increased its sales to much greater extent.

As Azzile is having expertise in the development of Android and iOS apps, it is also broadening its area of development among Windows phone application development.